Your marketing plan can fail for many different reasons such as time, not having the right abilities, or not having the right agency.

Many times companies don’t necessarily possess the expertise that they believe and have a tendency to overestimate their abilities when it comes to marketing. That is okay because marketing probably isn’t a part of your core competencies. That is where hiring an outside marketing firm can help. We can bring in our expertise in marketing alongside your business core competencies to make the perfect duo. That will allow you to spend all of your time on the things your business does best and we will spend all of our time on what we do best.

Other marketing firms also make the mistake of not listening to their clients and not fully understanding their needs and expectations. Any interview goes two ways and is as much an interview as it is a “fit meeting.” An interview determines the expectations from the client and whether the firm is able to meet those expectations, and determines if they will be able to fit together. 

At Dinsmoor Strategies, we pride ourselves on being relatable and easy to talk to. We listen to your needs and are honest about our capabilities. Your success is our success. We love sharing wins with our clients and wins come from honest communication and our marketing expertise.

Bonus Tip

Before hiring a marketing agency, figure out your business personality. Figure out how your company communicates and works best alongside business partners. Having your business personality in mind will help you choose the marketing agency that will fit best with your business. A good relationship with your agency will help drive results and positive experiences.