The essence of communication is the sharing of ideas. Any form of communication revolves around an idea that one individual has and wants to share with another. A large part of that sharing of ideas is the language that is used to share it. This post isn’t about whether your writing is in English, French, or Spanish but rather how you communicate your ideas. 

The importance of language usage revolves more around how we say what we want to say. Any linguist will tell you that there are many different ways to say the same thing. For example, in that last sentence, I could have said “many statements that seem different in wording are actually communicating the same idea.” For most advertisers, the idea that they want to share is that the individual viewing their advertisement needs their product. Or that their product will fix a problem in the consumer’s life. But it’s not a question of what the idea is because, for most advertisers, it’s the same. The question is how that idea is being communicated. This is where the importance of language comes in. 

The language that you use dictates the idea that’s being shared. Using the wrong language will send the wrong idea, and will be less attractive to consumers and potential clients. If you don’t have someone who understands your idea, they won’t be able to use language that communicates it properly. Let’s look at an example: 

Say that you’re writing content for a jeweler for valentine’s day. At first glance, this would be fairly simple to write about. You have your who, you have your why, and you have your what. But you have to ask yourself about the message that they want to send, as well as how they wish to communicate that idea. No, it’s not as simple as “buy my merchandise.” It never is. What’s special about Valentine’s day? How does that affect the message that you’re going to send? You have to not only incorporate the holiday into your message, but you also have to think about how what you say will make the viewer feel. What emotion will your work invoke? Will it tug at the heartstrings? Will it make them laugh? Each method can be a very effective way to deliver your message to the reader but each one has their time, place, and purpose. Determining how your message will be delivered is crucial to creating an effective campaign and communicating the right idea to the viewer or reader. And when you’re writing, it all comes back to the language that you use to deliver your message.