Brad Dinsmoor, President / Strategist

More thoughtful and benevolent as any captain across the 7 seas. 

With 31 years of servitude in the advertising industry, Brad can conceptualize the course and can incorporate multiple media platforms to arrive at your intended destination.  Brad began his career as a gifted storyteller in the early 1980’s, working as a radio journalist.  He would later utilized his craft in the area of marketing and has been awarded for his achievements numerous times.  He is the captain of the crew.  The crew that consists of some other “old salts”.

Jeff Martinovici, Creative Director

The first among First Mates.

Jeff was won several awards for his work building international and local brands.  He has delivered solid and innovatedwork for companies including GE Heatlthcare, Sony Erissson, Dow AgroSciences, John Deere Financial, Pfizer Animal Health, OfficeMax, Om Workspace, Rose Jewelers and the Milwaukee Art Museum.  


Michael Scott, Copywriter

The rowdy and the whipping boy.  

Michael is a professional storyteller.  He has been a featured teller at the La Crosse Storytelling Festival, the Northlands Storyteller Conference and has performed for numerous schools and events. His honed craft of effective storytelling has proved vital in several marketing success stories.  With over 19 years of marketing experience on his back he has written attention-grabbing copy for a wide variety of businesses.  He is the writer and voice talent for one of La Crosse, Wisconsin’s longest running and most successful radio branding campaigns.  The :60 radio ads tell real stories of loving relationships among customers of a local jeweler, the 160-year old family business, Rose Jewelers.