Let’s face it, customers are not buying your product, they are buying the outcome of your product. If they don’t see how your product or service is going to benefit them, they are simply not going to buy it. By using the 6 P’s, you can ensure that your messaging is impacting potential customers and converting them into actual customers. 

The 6 P’s are problem, pain, prescription, pivot, positioning, and product. By asking yourself the questions associated with each, you can evaluate where you are currently and areas to improve. 

Problem: What is the main problem you are helping to solve?

Pain: What negative emotions is your target customer experiencing as a result of the main problem?

Prescription: What is the solution to defeat the main problem?

Pivot: Why did you create your product or service? What is your mission?

Positioning: Why have other solutions not worked for your target customer in the past?

Product: How have you made the solution better or easier to achieve?

After applying the 6 P’s, you will be able to educate, empathize, and inspire your target customers to believe that your product or service will provide them with their desired outcome. Effective messaging shows customers you exist to provide them value. Don’t miss out on growing your business through improving the lives of your customers. 


Bonus Tip

When you want to highlight a feature of your business or product on social media, emphasize the benefit of the feature. The message will resonate with the readers more if the benefit touches on needs, wants, or emotions. Not what it is, but how it will impact them. The copy of the post should draw them in emotionally. Features are objective. Benefits are personal.