As a business owner, it’s hard to let go. You dreamed your company or product into existence. You created a structure to deliver your product or service to customers. You may have even put together a team to manage your workload and the ever-increasing complexities as you grew.

There are things you’re perfectly capable of providing for your company; Vision, direction, expansion, but marketing isn’t one of them. You make or provide “things”- that’s your expertise. It’s like trying to get out of a cornfield with stalks towering over you and walking in circles thinking “I could just walk out of here if it wasn’t for all this corn”. To get to your goal, you need someone who can take an overhead view.

I recently dealt with a client whose reaction to a video was “everything in that video can be accomplished with signage at the site”. My response was “I agree. The video is not about the signage, but about getting people to the site so they can see the signage”. He didn’t see the whole picture, he centered on the 20% of the video that was familiar to him, the signage, and how to use the product. The true goal of the video was for people to find the product. They can’t use the item if they don’t know how to find it or why they should use it in the first place.

When you own a business, you’re too close to it. You’re not objective. The emotion and effort you put into your company from the ground floor means you’re so involved in the process that it’s almost impossible to see from an unfamiliar consumer’s perspective. There are many things you take for granted that are crucial for customers to know in order to connect with your product. You understand why you made your product or company. You understand the benefits it brings. You understand the power it grants and the needs it fulfills. In understanding your business so thoroughly, you want people to get the benefit or comfort you provide. It’s easy to overlook the “why.” You need someone outside of your organization to listen to your story and to analyze the true position you’re in. You make or provide products or services. You need someone who knows how to listen, someone who’s practiced in storytelling, and someone whose success is predicated on your own.

To align your “why” with the consumer’s “why”, you need objective analysis and ideas. You know your story, you simply need someone to help you craft it. You need someone whose expertise is to deliver the message so your excitement and passion can be communicated to customers you haven’t even met yet.