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A true partnership delivering real results through digital marketing.

What do you get when a former radio host, comedian, dancer, storyteller, and TikToker walk into a marketing meeting? Some kick-ass digital marketing strategies!

These digital strategies have helped us collectively generate an ROI of around 5,800% for our clients.

Industries we have worked with...



financial services



Health and fitness



Beauty and wellness

Client Case Stories

Expanding the reach of a client that’s been in business for 165 years is a daunting task. This 5th generation, family-owned independent jeweler has been a long-time client of ours.

Through the combination of video content and targeted digital advertising, we increased the institute’s brand awareness and web traffic by educating teachers across the state on the quality and uniqueness of their programs.

We created a digital marketing campaign that serviced over a dozen jewelers across the country. We focused on building greater consumer awareness that drove online traffic to Gems One products.

Client Testimonials

Jon Rose

Store Owner, 5th Generation

As a small business owner, I really appreciate having a dedicated team that not only provides great solutions but truly cares about the success of my business. The young professionals on the Dinsmoor team provide great results when it comes to digital advertising. Their real-life experience and insight are priceless when it comes to making marketing decisions that have a big impact on the bottom line of my business. It is refreshing to work with professionals that bring energy and a fresh perspective to their work.

George Prout

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

After spending my entire career in sales and marketing, I can say that I have never met a digital team that I would be more willing to bet on than Dinsmoor. They hang their hat on their young team, but the maturity and professionalism they display is truly incredible. 

Not only do they provide valuable insights and creative thinking, but they know how to turn that into business results. They listen to understand what your problems are so they can provide the best solution. When we ask questions, they provide meaningful answers and educate our customers on how to more effectively utilize advertising assets.

Pat Markos

Executive Director

Dinsmoor Strategies is a team I trust. They take the time to understand your perspective and understand who you are as a client. They ask questions to dig deeper and really understand what you’re about. They find out exactly what you need so they can come up with the right solutions. 

They are always there for us. They do their research and I know I can have confidence in what they’re doing and what they’re recommending. I love the personal and mutual relationship we have where I can text, email, or call them if I ever need to brainstorm ideas.


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