Designing a logo has a special place in my heart. I love taking in a business’s personality, image, and feeling and then showcasing what I’ve learned to concept and develop a logo. Through the use of certain typefaces, colors, and shapes I can truly give a logo a certain feeling. This process isn’t quick or easy. It requires a lot of discovery and ideation. Here are the steps I take when creating a logo:

1. Discovery – I meet with the client and ask them many different questions about their business. This is where I can really get a grasp on the brand’s identity and what the logo should portray/say.

2. Word Splatter – On a piece of paper I write down all the words associated with a brand and then what comes to mind when I think about those words. The words can consist of nouns, verbs, or adjectives. 

3. Doodle Time – With all of the words I wrote down in mind I open up my drawing pad. I start drawing everything that comes into my head. Whenever I hit a wall I get up and move around in the form of pacing, doing push-ups, or even dancing.

4. Transferring to Digital – After taking some time away from my doodles I evaluate which ones I would like to start creating on the computer. I usually pick four to five doodles but then come up with two or three more variations when I am creating the logos on my computer.

5. Selection – I take my eight or so concepts and develop three strong concepts I present to the client. Usually, within the three concepts, I have a “safe” logo, a “wild” logo, and some logo that fits in between.

6. Back to the Client – After presenting the three logos I ask the client their reaction to the 3 concepts. I incorporate their suggestions and input to create a final logo.

7. Going Above and Beyond – After creating their perfect logo I save it in many different color options (black, white, greyscale, primary, secondary) as well file types (png, jpeg, pdf, ai, psd). I do this so the client has all the necessary file formats needed for use in print and digital formats. I often include a social media profile logo and cover image for them to use.

Bonus Tip

When creating a logo the most important thing I have found is being in the right environment during the creative process. My perfect environment is in an empty room, with a good stereo system, and a cup of hot coffee by my side. However, everyone is different and works differently. My advice would be to put yourself in different locations to see which environment works best for you. Time of day also matters so try early morning, afternoon, and even late at night. My best time to create is early to mid-morning.


Sample of Logos I Have Created:

Maes Logo