Many businesses and industries still have a practical application of traditional marketing, as it provides a certain level of comfort and familiarity. Traditional media is well-known and is able to reach a large number of people. However, many dollars are wasted by simply reaching the wrong audience. Because traditional media is able to cast a wide net, it sometimes catches the wrong fish.

With digital marketing, you can allocate a fraction of the dollars that you allocate to traditional and see the same or improved results. 

Digital marketing is the quickest, fastest, and cheapest way to reach people. Without a digital marketing strategy, you have an entire untapped market of individuals that have a large amount of purchasing power. 

With any business, decisions should be made based on data. Marketing decisions based on data are made infinitely easier via digital. Through digital, data can be easily collected, sorted, and presented in a readable way. Through time you can collect a large amount of data and understand your audience to a T.

If you are still not convinced on digital marketing, here is the biggest advantage digital marketing has. Traditional marketing is a one-way communication channel where digital marketing is a two-way communication channel. This means you can react and respond to your customers in real-time. Which could help build relationships with your customers resulting in customers with a high level of brand loyalty.

Fun fact

We received a radio sell sheet explaining how we can get in front of 8,000 listeners for only $350 a month. Which is great until you compare it to a digital marketing campaign. We put the same customer profile and budget into Facebook. The algorithm estimated we would reach around 5,000 people A DAY over the course of the month.