Traditional media has served a purpose for a long time but its effectiveness is dwindling. It isn’t reaching as many people as it used to. Many consumers in the student age range are defaulting to digital media more than they are to traditional media, especially as we delve further into the digital age. As a result, many advertisers and marketing teams are missing their target audience by not effectively implementing digital into their marketing scheme. They are missing out on a wide range of potential students or customers. 

The future of marketing is digital, which allows your school to target based on audience personas and identify students who need what you have to offer. Traditional media doesn’t allow for targeted advertising, while digital allows you to target based on geography, interests, age, and a variety of other demographics and psychographics. 

Digital marketing also allows you to track data from your campaigns which determines what worked and what may need to be tweaked or adjusted. By not effectively implementing digital into your marketing strategy, you are missing out on a wide range of students who may need what you have to offer. You are also not taking advantage of the simplicity that digital marketing can provide.

Digital vs Traditional Media Example

You are looking to meet enrollment numbers for undergraduate education. You know the people that are in this program are 21 – 35 years old, live within a 150-mile radius, and are interested in sports, music, and food.

Traditional Media:

Based on your target audience you believe you should advertise during sports events. This will reach some of your target audience but it will also reach many other people outside of your target audience. This results in a waste of advertising dollars. It’s like casting a large net and getting some prized fish but you also get a lot of the wrong fish and sea junk.

Digital Media:

Based on your target audience you believe you should advertise on social media. Using social media you can target 21 – 35 year olds that live within a 150 mile radius. You can even adjust your copy or graphics and specifically target those interested in sports, music, or food. This is like casting the perfect fishing lure that only attracts the fish you want.

Bonus Tip

With the increasing number of people accessing content from mobile devices, make sure your website and ads are optimized for mobile. This will make your content easier to access and read, which can drastically increase your click-through rate.


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