Too many marketing companies say they know how to attract Generation Z, yet they don’t have a single Gen Zer on the team… At Dinsmoor Strategies we know how to attract Gen Z because we ARE Gen Z. This article will tell you why Gen Z is an important target segment and how to actually attract and connect with this younger generation.

The Importance of Gen Z

Gen Z will soon become the largest US consumer population with the oldest Gen Zers being 24 years old. This is the most diverse, connected, and educated generation yet. Gen Zers are referred to as “digital natives” because they were the first to grow up with smartphones and the internet. In addition to being well educated, connected, and having a large online presence, they have the power to make massive changes in the world. Think the Gamestop stock market situation was initiated by Wall Street big shots? Hardly. Simply by creating video and written content online and by staying connected, this generation brought major hedge fund managers to their knees. Memes and snaps may have been the vehicles, but inclusion was the strategy. By making people think they could become part of a movement, people did become part, creating a social circular trend online that translated feeling into action.

Now that you know how important this generation is, how do you attract Gen Z?

Gen Z Attraction Tips

  • Be Real & Get Personal
  • Sell Experiences, Not Products
  • Micro-Influencers > Major Celebrities
  • Engage
Be Real & Get Personal

Gen Z has grown up being bombarded by advertisements everywhere they go and the “buy everything because it’s better than everything else” approach has given them a healthy skepticism. They are good at seeing through the BS. That’s why it is important to be real and personal with your marketing. Here is a good example of how a company was authentic and used humor to connect with Gen Z.


Kwik Trip has longed for a Culvers-Kwik Trip combo and has used it as a source for engagement. Here they are using humor and being real by admitting “defeat”. They turned consumers into supporters through their humility approach, with many of their followers “sympathizing” with getting beat…

Gen Z is more likely to buy from companies that share their same beliefs and viewpoints. So, you need to really think about your target audience and do some research into what topics and issues matter most to them.

Sell Experiences, Not Products

Yes, having a good product is necessary but in order to stand out against your competitors to Gen Z, you need to go beyond your product. Sell the experiences that go along with your product and how the product will make the consumer feel when they are using it. Don’t oversell it, hype is going to be ignored and discarded.

Dive deep and analyze how your product makes your consumers feel. Does your product make them feel luxurious, free, joyful, adventurous, calm, or any other kind of emotion? Once you figure that out, include it into your marketing efforts so you can go beyond your physical product and capitalize on those intangible feelings.

Micro-Influencers > Major Celebrities

Micro-influencers are more relatable, meaning their audience can connect with them more. This builds the consumers’ trust so your marketing message can be accepted along with a higher sense of credibility. Real, relatable people provide you with a more targeted audience. This makes it easier to make a more targeted campaign, which in turn will lead you to a greater conversion rate.


One of the biggest benefits social media brings is the ease for consumers to engage with your brand. On a daily basis, you should be communicating with your consumers online. This will help build your brand equity and increase your consumers’ brand loyalty.

Bonus Tip

If you have a physical store location look it up on Instagram’s search feature. You will then see all the posts that use your location. Leave an honest comment and drop a like on each post. This will make the consumer feel appreciated. Their followers will also see that you are a brand that appreciates its consumers.