Commanding Attention Spans 

Seth Godin says it the best, Marketing is a contest for people’s attention. Facebook has a total of 90 million pages for small to midsize businesses. Everyone is begging for attention. How do you stand out from the rest? How do you grab and maintain people’s attention? We have a few tips for your social media strategy and ways to grab the attention of your target market. 

Research shows that you have 1.7 sec on mobile and 2.5 sec on laptop to grab a user’s attention. Most people who are scrolling are actively looking for enjoyment or engagement. They want a boost of dopamine and will stop scrolling when something satisfies that craving.

Realizing there are both organic and intellectual components to capturing someone’s attention is the commonality of creating messaging that snags a viewer’s focus. If we haven’t lost your attention yet, keep reading to gain some helpful ideas. 

Clarity always wins

As a good rule of thumb, aim for a seventh or eighth-grade reading level for the copy. Do not make your viewers work too hard- tell them in a sentence or less why they should care about your ad. The use of honest emotion helps maintain attention spans. Creating content that evokes feelings of awe and common ground will help your audience connect with your brand.

Facebook posts that have 80 characters or less have a 27 percent higher rate of engagement than longer ones. If you want to post a video, the first 8 seconds are vital. Start the description with words you know people will want to hear like who, what, where, when, why, and how. 

Don’t be short-sighted about the image to complement your copy. The image of the post is the first call to action, so it’s vital that it makes an impact. Find an image that stands out from the crowd and commands attention.


Bonus Tip – Command attention spans in your social media content by:

  • Stirring up genuine emotion
  • Making the content relatable
  • Telling the user what they should do next
  • Making watching worthwhile