If you are working from a home office, we know how you feel. Working from home is great until your dog starts barking, your neighbor begins using his noisiest power tools, and then your mother-in-law stops over to drop off a casserole and makes a comment about your messy home. 

While your home is full of many distractions that are begging for your attention, use the tips below to stop procrastination and improve productivity.

  1. Create a schedule and stick to it. Know what times of the day you are most productive and take advantage of it. This will help you maintain a work-life balance.
  2. Start off your morning on the right foot. Begin by eating a healthy breakfast. Foods that are low in glycemic carbohydrates provide sustained energy throughout the day. This means eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  3. Set a limit for your time on social media platforms. LinkedIn, Slack, Twitter, Facebook… and the dreaded email. All of these platforms are begging for your attention as soon as you log on to your computer. Schedule a time to look at these and don’t go over!
  4. Take breaks during the day. Experts have found that working in 90-minute intervals maximizes productivity. The human mind can only work for 90 to 120 minutes before it begins to fry and begs for a break. Pick the most important task and focus on it for 90 minutes and then take a break to reward yourself.
  5. Eat a healthy lunch that will give you energy instead of making you tired. For tips on what to eat to boost productivity, check out Hubspot’s Productivity Diet.
  6. Leave your desk once and a while. Movement and blood circulation is essential for our bodies. It’s also great to get natural light and fresh air during the day. If you are sick of working at home, try going to a coffee shop or library to do some of your work.
  7. Socialize with coworkers. Working from home can create a sense of loneliness and isolation. Make sure to stay connected with your coworkers to build and maintain relationships and to feel more connected and included.

Give these tips a try and find out what works best for you. Everyone works differently and is distracted by different things, so find the routine that works for you. It might take a while, but once you find it, you will see your productivity and happiness improving.